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Spring is almost here and we are rejoicing like a priest giving a sermon! Hallelujah to the warmer weather, bikinis and mini dresses! Can I get an amen to that?!

And we all know that warmer weather means heading to the beach, swimming and tanning - which is very thirsty work, therefore ending with evening cocktails at your favourite local bar!

And what better a way then to dress to the feel of warmer weather in a tropical inspired outfit?!

"Let's get tropical, tropical, I wanna get tropical, let's get into tropicaaal," ahhhh what a tune and bet you're always going to sing it like this now!




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We will, we will, ROCK YOU... with trending metallics! And better yet, we're going to mix them with innocent pastel hues, to give you a sweet, quirky and bold vibe.

That's right, metal tones mixed with blush pinks, lilacs and baby blues, is a current fashion forward movement that you're going to want to jump on board with!

No combination is wrong, so get creative ladies! You can start your metal/pastel look right here, with our new Laurie dress, and follow on with our favourite pieces below to go with it!


Farlows Lane, Laurie Dress                                   Aldo, Hawaii Heel


TED BAKER, CHANIA CLUTCH x3 - http://www.theiconic.com.au/chania-497763.html

SIREN, DANCE HEELS - http://www.theiconic.com.au/dance-481504.html

PRINCESS POLLY, SECRETS OF FANTASIA EARRINGS - https://www.princesspolly.com/earrings/secrets-of-fantasia-earrings

PRINCESS POLLY , LEGENDS OF PALOMA EARRINGS - https://www.princesspolly.com/earrings/legend-of-paloma-earrings

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We here at Farlows, are going to let you in on our number one secret, for what we feel, is the most flattering piece of clothing you can own.

Okay, now that we have your attention, let's cue the drum roll and present to you our most favourite item of clothing, which is; the forever flattering WRAP DRESS. TA-DAAAAA!

We are forever grateful to designer Diane von Furstenberg who first introduced the wrap dress in 1972 - appealing to professional women that needed easy to wear, stylish clothes for work. Kudos to you Diane for being a fashion forward genius!

What we love about this style is that it really shows off the elegant silhouette of a woman, drawing you in at the waist and flowing effortlessly graceful over the hips.

This item of clothing is so versatile too, as we can wear it to work, to the markets on the weekend, a night out or even at home and all-in-all, feel completely feminine and beautiful. It also makes the perfect option as your go-to outfit choice when you're feeling 'bloated' or having an 'off' day.

So for now, we will love you and leave you with our top motto here at Farlows... "You can NEVER own too many wrap dresses!"


Laurie Dress - $89.00

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Think Pink Baby!

Oh baby, we're blushing with gorgeous pastel pink hues right now! We're loving this so-called 'Millenial Pink' and I'm sure you are too.

Any pink colours that start with blush, baby and dusty, are very popular right now and we're completely and utterly obsessed. We can only think pink at the moment and it seems we aren't the only ones too! 

This colour palette totally hits the nail on the head if you're in a truly feminine mood. Gorgeously girly, this colour is our favourite trend at the moment, but mind you, I don't think we'll ever get sick of this colour.

Kick start your pink look with our Because You Do Skirt.


Skirt: Because you do skirt - Cmeo Collective 

Mules: Alena Mules - The Iconic   

Polish: OPI Infinite Shine "You're Blushing again"

Heels: Courtney Heels - The Iconic

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Ruffle Me Up!

Ruffle's are so hot right now. We are totally loving anything with a bit of a ruffle. There's just something so elegant and charming about an item of clothing with a beautiful cascading effect. And it seems celebrities are also following suit in some stunning ruffles.

Our favourite style queen Olivia Palermo shows us how to ruffle it up, in a beautiful soft flowing jacket, and boy do we love taking note when it comes to her fashion style!

Selena Gomez also shows off a gorgeous bright orange dress with a beautiful timeless ruffled neckline. This look never dates and you should always have this look on hand in your wardrobe - whether it's a blouse or dress.

Last but not least Vanessa Hudgens nails the ruffle look in a stunning dress. This is a more dramatic ruffled effect but is done perfectly in this mini.

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Give em' the boot!

Boots, glorious boots! We at Farlows love a good boot in Winter and this year we are typically obsessed with black thigh-high boots.

Our favourite style with thigh-high boots this Winter would have to be a shorter dress, or playsuit, paired with said glorious boots and completed with a gorgeous structured blazer or leather jacket.

We have plenty of new arrivals to complete this stunning look, so go ahead, you'll look totally bangin' in this ensemble.


(Emmerson Playsuit, Memphis Dress, Lone Star Mini, Maison Mini)

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Five ways to pair denim jeans with a white top


A great pair of denim jeans is probably one of our go-to winter pieces, because they not only look great and are comfortable, but they practically go with everything; especially white. Which brings us to the five different ways you can wear denim jeans with a white top.

1. RELAXED. Think markets on a Sunday morning followed by lunch overlooking the water. We're talking denim jeans, a peasant/flowy white top, neutral clutch, sandals and crisp panama hat. Our 'EVOKE' top is perfect for this look.

2. MUM DUTY. When Mum is on duty, she needs to look casually chic, especially on soccer Mum Saturday's. Denim jeans paired with a nice white cami or plain white tee, some sneakers and a shoulder bag (to keep all hands free to wrangle the rugrats) is the ultimate Mum-look. This is where our 'CASABLANCA CAMI' comes in to 'play' just nicely.

3. DANCING QUEEN. A night out with the girls calls for a sheer white top teamed with dark blue denim skinny jeans, heels and bold clutch. Our 'SECRET LOVE SONG' top ticks the box as the perfect white top to get your boogie on in.

4. DATE NIGHT. With lover boy, or lover boy to be, you need a bit of sex appeal but also remain elegant at the same time. A nice white off the shoulder top, denim skinny jeans, heels and little purse is the perfect combination for date night. And boy do we have the best top for this occasion?! Our 'POSITANO' top that is!

5. CASUAL  FRIDAY. In the office. Jeans can be a great choice for casual Friday if worn with the correct top. A crisp white button-down shirt, collared or not, is the ultimate choice. Complete this look with a nice pair of loafers and an oversized handbag and you're set. And that's right, you guessed it, yet again we have the perfect option right here at Farlows with our 'UNDISCLOSED SHIRT'.


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Here's how you can save bigger at sale time!

Yes, you read it right, it is SALE time - so get excited. But not too excited that you start throwing dollar, dollar bills around like Kenny f**king Powers and on pointless pieces that you will never wear.

During the big 'end of Financial Year' sale period (which is now) we want you to save big but still spoil yourself at the same time. To do this simply follow our five rules that will make it easy for you to stop yourself from impulse buying.

1. CLEAN OUT YOUR WARDOBE! Before you even begin to think about buying more clothes Kimmy K, have a massive wardrobe over-haul. We do this at the end of every financial year. That way we not only maintain our wardrobe and clear some much-needed room, but we can also grasp an idea of what we can replace with an updated version.

2. BUY STAPLE PIECES. Think everyday pieces that you know will never date. For example; jeans, a white blouse, a little black dress and blazers/jackets.

3. BUY EXPENSIVE. Buying a good quality product that we absolutely love, while it is on SALE, is probably our favourite rule - because we know it will last. Even better, combine this rule, as well as the one above, for an awesome double-whammy of savings; an expensive statement piece that will never out date and will last? Winning!

4. ASK YOURSELF, WOULD I BUY THIS BEFORE THE SALE*? Would you buy this product when it was full price? No? Then don't buy it. *This rule does not apply for something expensive that you know you will get good use and wear out of it.

5. DO NOT BUY STATEMENT PIECES. By this, we mean sale pieces that are on-trend right now, but are likely to date by next season. The money saved doing this will mean that you are able to buy NEW SEASON/NEW ARRIVALS and stay up-to-date with fashion trends as they are changing.

There you go ladies, an insight in to our sale secrets, so you can make a better decision and save bigger at sale time!

Now adios, get to it, there's the perfect sale pieces out there waiting for you, starting right here at Farlows...


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Black on black on black... Definitely a staple outfit in our winter wardrobe here at Farlows. Bit cliche you say? So winter and been-there-done-that? The key to wearing an all-black ensemble is to make sure you are wearing stand-out pieces that give you a polished vibe.


Think black wet-coat jeans, statement sleeves, a sprinkle of metallic through an item or even some modernised studs. 

We love to have a little hint of colour, whether it's a pop of red lipstick, a stand-out handbag or clutch, or even a splice of colour on our shoes or sunglasses.

"We run, yes oh we run the night!" Well at least we are rocking the midnight shade with style, elegance and class - it's all in the attention to detail and correct finishing touches.


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All I wish for this Mother's Day, is a girls' night out, a sleep in and for my fiance to vaccum and mop the floor. Sounds boring? Not to me! I get a little thrill-chill thinking about some extra z's and a nice clean house that I didn't have to raise a finger for.

Now if you're anything like me, a crummy-mummy from Monday to Friday in your 'daggys'  but like to think of yourself as a young and hip yummy-mummy on the weekend, then Farlows has got you covered.

The new arrivals are sure to have you ready to conquer the world (night) or have you looking stylishly casual as you fulfill your role as the 'Soccer Mum' that you truly are! 

So free yourself of the mum-bum, trackies and food-stained tops this weekend and spoil yourself this Mother's Day at Farlows - I know I will be! 


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The Met Gala 2017 was donned, once again, with outfits both gorgeous and bizarre. 

Whilst there were some daring and outrageous oufits we couldn't quite rap our heads around, there were equally as stunning looks that we adored. 

Here's our top Met Gala looks for this year...


Selena Gomez.                                     Rose Byrne


Gisele Bundchen.                                 Hailey Baldwin. 


Katie Holmes.                                         Reece Witherspoon. 


Ruby Rose.

Photo Credits: Google Images.

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Yeah we like them nice and big here at Farlows. There's just something so satisfying about the shape, length and style when they're bigger.

Earrings, that is! You thought I was talking about?... Get your head out of the gutter, or don't, I'm totally okay with your initial thoughts! 

But seriously, if there's one look you need to update this season it's your earrings and make sure they are loud, proud and over-the-top. Tie that hair back in a slick pony and show them off with virtue, girl! Rock those ears like you never have before!

It seems minimalist and petite jewellery has been thrown out the window and statement earrings are taking their place! Themes like bohemian and aztec inspired are really hot trends right now and so too are large hoops (yeah they're making a comeback) and we are loving every damn second of it!

Keep that neckline or neck jewellery very simple though, as we don't want to rain on the earrings parade - not today, Becky!

And come on, we all know bigger is better and that definitely applies to his.. I mean, our earrings ladies!


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