Top Five Fashion Trends To Look For In 2017…

Top Five Fashion Trends To Look For In 2017…

There’s so many gorgeous trends that will be around this year, but to keep you in the loop, we’re going to give you an insight in to the top five most prominent trends that will most likely determine 2017’s fashion.


Pantsuits, nothing bad can be said about them, they just have a presence so crisp and chic. In our opinion, Chanel has forever ruled the timeless pantsuit design, thanks to the talented Karl Lagerfeld. But fear not ladies, you don’t need to break the budget with a Chanel pantsuit to look sophisticated, because there’s plenty just as gorgeous pantsuits out there, available to you - even perhaps via our website. *hint, hint*


How flare you bring back the flared pants, but being totally honest, we are digging the 70’s style pant and welcome them back with open arms! We love how the flared leg perfectly emphasises the classically graceful silhouette of a women’s curves. So, wear those flares with some flair!


Sheer is probably our most favourite trend yet. The scandalously sheer pieces are starting to pop up everywhere, from see-through lace to playful tulle. Some might think this sheer look is a bit too provocative, but with tactfully placed embroidery, beading and lining, this look can be both elegant and mesmerizingly enchanting.


Who doesn’t love fur? We know we do! And we feel like this is going to be a repeat trend every year because fur is everywhere, so really, this one isn’t a massive surprise. We associate fur as being super luxurious and glamorous. Whether we’re wearing a collar, vest or coat, fur makes us feel totally fabulous.


This trend has done a complete backflip this year, transforming its reputation from modest to modern and you can bet you’ll see more mid-length pieces this year. Tight-fitted or straight silhouettes give this midi hemline a more sexual appeal - especially with bodycon dresses or loose ties that both focus on emphasising the waist line. 


So, keep an eye out for these top five trends set to dominate 2017 and our website!

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