Posted by Tameka Corbett on

Yeah we like them nice and big here at Farlows. There's just something so satisfying about the shape, length and style when they're bigger.

Earrings, that is! You thought I was talking about?... Get your head out of the gutter, or don't, I'm totally okay with your initial thoughts! 

But seriously, if there's one look you need to update this season it's your earrings and make sure they are loud, proud and over-the-top. Tie that hair back in a slick pony and show them off with virtue, girl! Rock those ears like you never have before!

It seems minimalist and petite jewellery has been thrown out the window and statement earrings are taking their place! Themes like bohemian and aztec inspired are really hot trends right now and so too are large hoops (yeah they're making a comeback) and we are loving every damn second of it!

Keep that neckline or neck jewellery very simple though, as we don't want to rain on the earrings parade - not today, Becky!

And come on, we all know bigger is better and that definitely applies to his.. I mean, our earrings ladies!


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