Slips Away...

DAMN. HOT. RIGHT. NOW! Yes, you guessed it, slip dresses!

We at Farlow’s are crushing hard on slip dresses, in all types of fabrics and think they need to be an essential part of your wardrobe, ASAP! Lucky for you, we have the perfect slip dress, with the perfect name and for the perfect price, right here on our website – the ‘Rolling Stone’ velvet slip.

And what’s not to love about wearing velvet?! We feel like a sassy ball of confidence in this fabric and so should you!

Now, you can dress this slip up or down. For a subtle but classy look, you can put a plain tee, or tight fitted long-sleeve top underneath. Or to be the smoking hot senorita, that deep down we know you really are, throw it on as is and team with a statement choker necklace and some on-trend ankle boots. And ‘damn, Africa!’ you’re looking tantalisingly tasteful!

And ladies, it’s a definite sure thing it’s in Kylie Jenner’s closet, because we all know that chick can do no wrong in the fashion department!

So, until next time, I’m just going to go and ‘slip’ in to something a little more comfortably stylish…


Photo credits: Google Images. 


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