Senorita, I feel for you!

Posted by Tameka Corbett on

Hola, Senorita! That's right, these warm summer nights are making us tap in to our inner-Spanish goddess, and damn don't we feel glamorous!

Nothing makes us feel sexier here at Farlows than the colours red and white. We definitely love to throw off some Spanish vibes whenever we can!

Isn't Spanish just the most sexy and lustrous culture, I mean listen to them speak, it makes us weak at our knees!

And our new arrivals are definitely vibing that of warm summer nights, mixed with cocktails and a sprinkle of salsa dancing. Ahhhh heavenly...

Our lemonade top and lemonade midi skirt are sure to make you feel the part of a spanish chica; with their elegant shirred detailing, mixed with their effortless frills, and the overall colour of love... RED!

So adios, belleza, and get shopping! We've got plenty of Spanish inspired oufits to get you twsiting those salsa hips all night long!


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