Autumn Falling

Posted by Tameka Corbett on

We're falling for Autumn and blooming with excitement over our latest arrivals.

Gorgeous pastels and burnt autumn tones, are really setting the mood for the Autumn to come.

As we start to bid summer goodbye with a pout, we're not totally ready to say bye-bye, but it's time to get your trans-seasonal pieces out of the closet and refresh it with some on-trend styles.

Now, one of our favourite pieces here at Farlow's coming in to Autumn is a good maxi skirt. One with a few different colours that can be worn with several matching tops. This just changes it up a bit each time it's worn. And yes, we have got the perfect maxi skirt online now in our new arrivals.

In Autumn, we also love light knits, closed toe flats and some sassy sneakers - so we are prepared for whatever the weather decides to throw at us.

We've compiled a little list of some of our favourite on-trend Autumn pieces below and don't forget to check out our head-turning new arrivals.

So go and turn a new leaf this Autumn, darling!



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